Sunshine stories

I'll tell you a story, said the wind. Kindly remember, said the Rain, that it's my turn to talk. You've been howling around the corner at the top of your voice quite long enough. Is that the thanks I get for all of the favors I've done you? the Wind blustered. Many an umbrella I've turned inside out, or even blown to tatters, when people tried to avoid you. Be silent! It is I who shall speak, said the Sunshine, who spoke with such brilliance and warmth that the weary Wind fell flat on his back, and the Rain shook him and tried to rouse him, crying: We won't stand for it. This Madam Sunshine is forever interrupting us. Don't lets listen to her. What she says is not worth hearing. And the Sunshine began: A beautiful swan flew over the rolling, tossing waves of the ocean. Each of its feathers shone like gold. One feather drifted down above a great merchant ship that sailed the sea with all its canvas spread.
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The most beautiful fairytales of Andersen

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