The flax

The flax was in full bloom; it had pretty little blue flowers as delicate as the wings of a moth, or even more so. The sun shone, and the showers watered it; and this was just as good for the flax as it is for little children to be washed and then kissed by their mother. They look much prettier for it, and so did the flax. People say that I look exceedingly well, said the flax, and that I am so fine and long that I shall make a beautiful piece of linen. How fortunate I am; it makes me so happy, it is such a pleasant thing to know that something can be made of me. How the sunshine cheers me, and how sweet and refreshing is the rain; my happiness overpowers me, no one in the world can feel happier than I am. Ah, yes, no doubt, said the fern, but you do not know the world yet as well as I do, for my sticks are knotty; and then it sung quite mournfully– Snip, snap, snurre, Basse lurre: The song is ended. No, it is not ended, said the flax. To-morrow the sun will shine, or the rain descend.
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The most beautiful fairytales of Andersen

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